Bruno and Son's Catering - Company Message
Bruno and Son's Catering is proud to offer hoagies for sale for fundraising.
Type       We Charge    You Charge    Your Profit
Italian       $4.00              $7.00                $3.00
(Ham, Salami, Bologna, Provolone)
Turkey    $4.00               $7.00                $3.00
(Turkey and American cheese)
3 Cheese   $3.75            $6.50               $2.75
(American, Swiss, Provolone)
All Hoagies are foot longs  and come with shredded lettuce and tomato slices. Italian will come with  Italian dressing, Turkey will come with mayo and 3 cheese will come with mustard.
Final tallies for the hoagies must be in by 3 on Tuesday and the hoagies will be ready that Friday at a prescheduled time.
Payments must be made in full when the final tally sheet will be turned in.
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